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A wise man once said, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused immense disruption to life globally. It has touched the life of every human on earth in a scale unparalleled in the modern world. It has also been a great leveller in the sense that everyone has been left vulnerable, irrespective of their social, economic or political standing. While governments, scientists, medical professionals, disaster managers and the like have been busy trying to eke out a strategy to cope with this unexpected and unprecedented scale of impact, most of us lesser mortals have had some time to think and ponder over our past, present and future - not that we were eager to do it.

I am sure a lot of us have learnt a lot and have also made a note of applying these learnings in our lives - some of us are already implementing these. This is my attempt to share my learnings with you, in the hope that some of you will find this useful and will also share some of your learnings with me.

Management Consulting

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Over the course of my vast career, I have been part of various organisations. I have enjoyed my journey with each and every one of them. A sizeable chunk of this journey has been spent (and still is) as a Management Consultant. All of these organisations are great at what they seek to do. Their ultimate objective, as with all consultants, is to provide a valuable service to their clients. All of them invest a significant amount of time in Learning & Development initiatives to ensure that the skilled workforce that they maintain are always sufficiently updated and/or upskilled. However, one of the most critical elements that I have personally found missing with every consulting organisation is that they completely ignore personality development. There is scant emphasis on the intrinsic qualities that will help make a better consultant. This, I feel is the key behind successfully serving our clients. The simple truth is that without our clients' needs, Management Consultants would cease to exist.

I was lucky enough to come across this 'secret' early on in my career. This came to me as a forwarded chain e-mail while I was a young Associate with GE Capital. It has stuck to me throughout. I have shared it as much as I could to help my peers, my team members, functional partners, etc. . . . whenever I had the opportunity. Today I am sharing the crux of the story and my own specific conclusions from it. I hope that all of you enjoy it and keep on spreading the good word. Let us continue to provide value to our clients. Happy viewing.

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The importance of developing a robust Digital Strategy is not lost on most organisations. After all, a good strategy ensures optimal outreach in an environment in which consumers are predominantly present in the digital channels. The virtual approach not only necessitates choosing the right technologies but also providing an enjoyable experience for your customers, thereby facilitating repeat engagements.

This is enabled by integrating Technologies with the twin strengths of UX and Digital Marketing. Technology provides the right approach, UX improves your interaction and Marketing strengthens your visibility. This is the three-pronged strategy that should be considered when designing your next big product or service.

Companies that have already understood the importance of these three inter-connected approaches are already using these to ensure stability and growth. If you look at every leading company within the B2B or B2C environment, you will find Technology, UX, and Digital Marketing are intertwined and embedded in their product and service proposition.

The surprising fact, though, is that most organisations follow these strategies in silos. Although these three should be inter-connected, companies typically employ separate Hardware providers, Design departments, and Marketing agencies. It is no surprise that these individual service providers cannot fully appreciate their contribution to an integrated Digital Strategy while operating alone and far removed from each other.

This is why Nishtha presents a unique solution for you, one that offers Technology, UX and Digital Marketing services in an integrated manner. We take exception to traversing a solitary path to a solution. Therefore, we bring our multi-skilled teams of designers, software engineers and marketing professionals who combine the best of Technology, Design and Digital Marketing approaches to not only develop the strategy for your organisation and Brand, but also also to execute this strategy in partnership with you.
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This is a case study aimed at dispelling the myth that SEO is always a long-term activity. Quite a few of us are of the opinion that organic activities only bear fruit in the long run and we need to invest in inorganic activities, aka paid advertising, for quick results. This case study is another example pointing us away from this.

It is possible to achieve Quick Wins through Organic SEO activities just as anything else. Success need not be expensive. We only need to be imaginative and responsive to the situation - as long as we do not try to fit square pegs in round holes! As always, this was achieved through objective problem solving using Lean techniques. Another example where Lean can not only be used in the digital world, but also for marketing activities.

Check out the short video for yourself and be the judge of it: