What to avoid as Consultants

What to avoid as Consultants


Over the course of my vast career, I have been part of various organisations. I have enjoyed my journey with each and every one of them. A sizeable chunk of this journey has been spent (and still is) as a Management Consultant. All of these organisations are great at what they seek to do. Their ultimate objective, as with all Management Consultancies, is to provide a valuable service to their clients.

All of them invest a significant amount of time in on-boarding new hires as well in Learning & Development initiatives to ensure that the skilled workforce that they employ are always sufficiently updated and/or upskilled. However, one of the most critical elements that I have personally found missing with every Consulting organisation is that they completely ignore personality development. There is scant emphasis on the intrinsic qualities that will help make a better Consultant. This, I feel is the key behind successfully serving our clients. The simple truth is that without our clients’ needs, Management Consultants would cease to exist. So it makes simple sense to focus on their needs and how we can fulfill those needs.

I was lucky enough to come across this ‘secret’ early on in my career. This came to me as a forwarded chain e-mail while I was a young Associate with GE Capital – quite an unexpected setting and circumstance. After all, GE Capital is anything but a Management Consultancy! But the valuable lesson that I learnt has stuck to me throughout. I have shared it as much as I could to help my peers, my team members, functional partners, etc. . . . whenever I had the opportunity.

Today I am sharing the crux of the story and my own specific conclusions from it. I hope that all of you enjoy it and keep on spreading the good word. Let us continue to provide value to our clients. I hope that this helps us to rise above the traditional starched collars and dapper suits view of Management Consultants and graduate to a more intimate confidant or sounding-board for our valued clients. Happy viewing.

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