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If you have a website, then you are most likely to have received an e-mail promising "the number one Page Rank, with little effort". SEO is much more than just optimising your website. It is about holistic and strategic thinking with proper keywords and content, making sure that the website is technical error-free, checking that link-building and other off-page activities are doing enough to make your online presence stronger. SEO is not a platform, right? It should work with multiple channels by integrating with each other to get the most out of it.

SEO Audit
We include website audit services (free of charge for new clients and part of the standard package for existing clients). SEO Review involves a peer group analysis of different SEO criteria for your website - Keyword performance, Web footprint, inbound links, and technological factors.
Local SEO
Winning local search traffic requires a unique strategy. Local SEO serves as a driver for online business development due to the rising trend in voice search and local ("nearby") searches.
Technical SEO
We work iteratively to create a road-map for content enhancement focused on well-prioritised SEO. Improvements to content include ideas for existing pages, new pages and new content types - all based on a deep understanding of your objectives, website visitors and thorough research of keywords.
Mobile SEO
With the Mobile-First Index as Google's first choice, we ensure that your website is tracked and indexed well on mobile devices. Mobile optimisation includes lighter HTML pages (AMP pages), device-responsive site, fast page loading, localised search results, higher visitor retention rates, and reduced bounce rates.

Our Approach to SEO

Our approach is based on careful research and investigation, a strong business understanding and priority-based planning. We train our team on SEO factors and spend a lot of time understanding your objectives, your website and other digital assets, and your customers. The SEO plan includes a set of technological improvements, keyword research, competitor insights, page and content ideas, as well as product ideas to promote differentiation.

SEO Project Reporting

We shall share a monthly report and dashboard of key activities, action plans and KPIs to track your SERPs, marketing initiatives and recommendations that allow you to be fully aware and be in control.