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Much more than appearing at #1 on Google

If you have a website, then you are most likely to have received an e-mail promising “the number one Page Rank, with little effort”…even Google receives these! SEO is much more than just appearing at the first position in search results or on the first page. It is about holistic and strategic thinking to ensure that your website is visible to the desired audience only for relevant searches. Ultimately, it is a Marketing effort and should focus on maximising conversion of Prospects to Leads and onto Sales. This will ensure that you do not waste your energy in dealing with window shoppers and conserve it to deal with serious buyers.


SEO Audit

We include website audit services (free of charge for all clients as standard). SEO Audit/Review involves analyses of different criteria for your website - Keyword performance, Web footprint, inbound links, Website Health and other technical factors.


Local SEO

Winning local search engine traffic requires a unique strategy. Local SEO serves as a driver for online business development due to the rising trend in voice search and local ("nearby") searches.


Technical SEO

We work iteratively to create a road-map for content enhancement focused on prioritised improvements to content. These include existing pages, new pages and different content types - all based on a deep understanding of Your Objectives and Your Customers' needs.


Mobile SEO

With Mobile First Index as Google's first choice, we ensure that your website is tracked and indexed appropriately on mobile devices. Mobile optimisation includes lighter HTML pages (AMP), device-responsive site, fast page loading, localised search results, higher visitor retention rates, and reduced bounce rates.

Our Approach to SEO

Our approach is based on careful research and investigation, a strong business understanding and priority-based planning. Our expert team spends a lot of time understanding Your business, Your Objectives, your website and other Digital Assets, and of course, your Customers. The plan includes a set of technological improvements, keyword research, competitor insights, page and content ideas, as well as product ideas to promote differentiation.

Project Reporting

We share a Monthly Report and Dashboard of key activities, Action Plans and KPIs to track your SERPs, Marketing initiatives and recommendations that allow you to be fully aware and be in control. In fact, we are one of the few in the industry who provide such valuable accounts and insights to aid your Digital Marketing activities

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need SEO for my Business?

This is a common question we get. It may seem hard to decide if your business needs SEO. However, it is highly recommended for any business that wants to rank higher than their competitors in the search results and generate more revenue.

Why does my website need SEO?

SEO provides immense opportunities for businesses to connect with the right customer by driving traffic to their website. Search engines index all websites provided it is built as per search engine guidelines; however, with millions of competing pages a new website will start from the last in the list of search engine data.

When does an SEO Project end?

Just because you rank high for a keyword or achieve your target ranking, does not necessarily mean that you are done with SEO! Why not rank high on 10 other keywords? In addition, competitors can catch up with their SEO and outrank you in the future. So, it is imperative that the effort is continued to consolidate your position.


Google releases a new update every month, and if you do not update your site at all, it might cause Google to lower your ranking. There are simply too many factors that play a role. But we recommend that SEO is one of the most effective marketing methods to grow your business.

Are there any guarantees with SEO?

In principle, no SEO agency can guarantee that you will rank at position 1, or position 0. In fact, it is against Google’s policy that any SEO agent guarantee a position. Of course, that is the main goal. But certain SEO factors are more important than others for improving your position in the search results. E.g. some keywords have higher competition than others. So before an SEO agency has conducted a thorough SEO and keyword analysis for your business, there is no basis for providing any guarantee at all.

Can I get SEO report?

Yes, you will receive SEO reports as we follow 100% transparent system and the reports are consolidated from sources like google analytics, search console and 3rd party tools like SEM rush. 

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