The following Terms and Conditions define the terms of Engagement between Nishtha Business Services Limited (hereinafter also referred to as “Us”) and the Client (hereinafter also referred to as either “Client” or “You”), for the provision of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services

  1. Definitions:
    1. Assets” refer to process flows, requirements definitions, templates, operational & technical specifications, research & analyses and other documentation or collaterals that act as inputs or catalysts for the project.
    2. Backlinks” refers to an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website.
    3. Canonicalization” refers to the process of converting data that has more than one possible representation into a common standard or normal form (i.e. canonical form).
    4. CMS” refers to Content Management System(s).
    5. Components” refer to CMS, Extensions, Modules, Plugins.
    6. Content” refers to text, images, videos and other media that are displayed to a website’s users.
    7. Crawling” refers to systematically visiting a number of web pages, driven by a computer program, in order to create an index of data.
    8. Domain” refers to a distinct subset of the internet with addresses sharing a common suffix or under the control of a particular organization or individual.
    9. Functionality” refers to the range of operations that can be performed in a website by its users.
    10. Inorganic” refers to both direct and paid traffic.
    11. Keyword” or “Focus Keyword” refers to a word or a phrase that best describes the content of the web page or post.
    12. Organic” refers to natural or unpaid traffic.
    13. Program” or “Computer Program” refers to coded instructions provided to a computer or other machine for the automatic performance of a task.
    14. “Search Engine Optimisation” or “SEO” refers to the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.
    15. Technical” refers to scripts, codes, frameworks, technological platforms that work together or individually to ensure that the content and functionalities of a website are displayed and/or performed as expected.
    16. Website” refers to a set of related web pages located under a single domain name.
    17. Working day” refers to any day between Monday and Friday (both days inclusive), excluding any Bank/Public Holiday
  2. In Scope Activities: The following are included as part of this service, unless stated otherwise in the Price Quotation and/or Project Proposal:
    1. Research & Analyses:
      1. Market Research.
      2. Competition Analysis.
      3. Keyword Analysis.
    2. Technical SEO Audit:
      1. Canonicalization.
      2. Cawl Error Analysis.
      3. Duplicate Content Analysis.
      4. Hyperlink Analysis.
      5. Keyword Density Analysis.
      6. Page Speed Analysis.
      7. Robots.txt Optimisation.
      8. Schema Mark-up Analysis.
      9. Sitemap Optimisation.
    3. On-page Optimisation:
      1. Content Optimisation.
      2. Images Optimisation.
      3. Internal Linking.
      4. Meta Data Optimisation.
      5. Site Structure Optimisation.
      6. Tags Optimisation
    4. Off-page Optimisation:
      1. Backlink Analyses.
      2. Content Marketing/Syndication.
      3. Directory Submissions.
      4. Social Bookmarking.
      5. Optimisation of social media profiles.
  3. Out of Scope: The following are excluded from this service, unless stated otherwise in the Price Quotation and/or Project Proposal:
    1. Designing and developing new content, and/or existing content.
    2. Sourcing of new content.
    3. Management and/or Administration of Social Media accounts/handles/profiles.
    4. Generating Inorganic traffic.
    5. Acquisition of Paid Backlinks and/or Directory Listings.
  4. Dependencies & Client’s Responsibilities: You acknowledge the following:
    1. We shall receive unhindered administrative access to the following:
      1. Website.
      2. Server.
      3. Google Analytics.
      4. Google Search Console.
      5. Bing Webmaster Tools.
      6. Google My Business.
      7. Bing Places.
      8. All relevant Social Media profiles, e.g. FB Business Manager
    2. You will not make any change to the website and/or any of the associated online profiles that impacts its components, content, technical aspects and/or functionalities, without Our prior consent.
    3. If We do not receive access to the above-mentioned resources, You shall not hold us responsible for any impact or lack of results and all fees will accrue and be duly paid as usual.
    4. You agree to unconditionally Indemnify us without limit for any claims brought against us by a third party arising out of actions implemented by us in compliance of an instruction issued by You.
  5. Confirmation and/or Changes to Requirements:
    1. All requirements summarised in the Project Proposal and any change to the stated requirements are to be confirmed by the Client in writing, prior to the start of the project.
    2. Client is entitled to direct changes at any time. However, changes will only take effect once We have agreed to it.
    3. Any such change may necessitate a change in the scope, existing prices and/or operational methods applied.
    4. Changes once agreed with the Client will become effective in the month following the month in which such change was agreed.
  6. Reporting:
    1. A report of activities conducted during the relevant period will be provided to the Client contact within the seventh working day of the conclusion of the previous period.
    2. The report will usually cover the following:
      1. Summary of completed activities.
      2. Plan and Recommendations for the next period.
      3. Search Engine Rankings (Google and/or Bing – as relevant).
      4. Traffic (Google and/or Bing – as relevant).
      5. Audit Results (first period only and as part of Summary).
      6. Any other relevant metric.
    3. If the subscribed plan includes a periodic consultation, then a session will be organised at Client’s preference and option, with the relevant Project Lead, at a mutually convenient time and for the duration included in the plan.
  7. Minimum Period and Termination:
    1. Any SEO activity generally starts displaying results only after 3 calendar months starting from commencement of the activities. It is recommended that the project continues for 6 calendar months as a minimum for any meaningful indications to be established. Effective analyses of results is usually possible after 12 calendar months.
    2. If there is a minimum period of service that Client has signed up to, then the engagement is for the stated minimum period.
    3. If there is no minimum period of service that Client has signed up to, then the engagement can be terminated by providing a notice of termination, as mentioned later in this paragraph.
    4. On the expiry of minimum period of engagement, the engagement will renew automatically on a rolling monthly basis unless Client has provided a notice of termination.
    5. The Client may choose not to renew the engagement after the expiry of the current engagement period by contacting Us and providing notice of the intention to do so.
    6. Any notice of termination should be provided 30 days prior to the expiry of the current engagement period.
    7. Services may be temporarily suspended or permanently terminated by Us if Your account is in arrears. No further notice of such suspension or termination will be provided by Us.
    8. If We are unable to provide the services to You, for any other reason whatsoever, We shall provide you notice of cessation/discontinuation of such service at least 30 days prior to such cessation/discontinuation, without assigning any reason for this. No additional compensation will be due to You for this.
  8. Billing and Payment:
    1. Payments will be collected on a monthly basis, in advance at the beginning of the period.
    2. All Invoices will be raised, and payment will be due, in British Pound Sterling (GBP), unless otherwise stated on the face of the invoice.
    3. Invoices will be sent via electronic means via e-mail to the point of contact assigned by the Client. It is Your responsibility to ensure that the e-mail does not get filtered out in an unwanted manner due to any junk, spam and/or quarantine measures implemented at Your end.
    4. Payments will be collected via Direct Debit, Electronic Clearance Systems or similar method that allows collection of regular payments on a periodic basis.
    5. Failed payments and/or unpaid invoices will incur a charge of £1 per day of default, subject to a minimum charge of £10, plus any charges imposed by our bank or collection agent, and applicable taxes.
    6. Prices are subject to revision on renewal of the existing contracted minimum term.
  9. Refunds:
    1. Since the work is of a bespoke nature, no refund is permissible under any circumstance. This does not affect your Statutory Rights.
  10. Competition and Poaching:
    1. You agree not to conduct any activity that is in direct or indirect competition with our ordinary business activities that exist as at the completion of the project
    2. You agree not to employ directly or indirectly, any of our human resources engaged directly or indirectly by us in our service. This includes employees, contractors or sub-contractors.
    3. The restrictions referred to in the above clauses are to be observed for a period of 2 years, from the date of sign-off and/or completion of the project, or payment of the final invoice, whichever comes later.
  11. Applicable Law:
    1. Any dispute will be governed solely by the Laws of England and subject to the sole jurisdiction of the Courts in of England.