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The story I – Traffic Vs Bounce Rate

One of the key challenges of any SEO project is to address the Traffic Vs Bounce Rate conundrum, i.e. how to increase Traffic and reduce Bounce Rate. There are some Quick Fixes to ensure this. This is a case study aimed at dispelling the myth that SEO is always a long-term activity. Quite a few of us are of the opinion that organic activities only bear fruit in the long run and we need to invest in inorganic activities, aka paid advertising, for quick results. This case study is another example pointing us away from this.

It is possible to achieve Quick Wins through Organic SEO activities just as anything else. Success need not be expensive. We only need to be imaginative and responsive to the situation – as long as we do not try to fit square pegs in round holes! As always, this was achieved through objective problem solving using Lean techniques. Another example where Lean can not only be used in the digital world, but also for marketing activities.

Check out the short video for yourself and be the judge of it:

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